Control your Greenlite smart bulbs from anywhere at any time.

With the Greenlight Smart Home mobile application, you just found a new way of being smart and green while saving on your utility bill. With a few clicks, you can create amazing ambiances, or simply turn on the lights and make it look like someone is home.

A simple way to make your home smarter and environmentally friendly.

Download the free Greenlite Smart Home mobile application and discover how to unlock the full potential of your energy-efficient smart bulbs. And you won’t even have to read a manual. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the application and get started.

Control your smart light bulbs all in one place

The exclusive Greenlite Smart Home mobile application makes it easy to connect all your bulbs under one center of command. You can organize your energy efficient lighting devices by room and control them either individually or in groups. Imagine the possibilities!

Change the brightness and even the color of your bulbs with one simple click.

Because we all want to be comfortable at home, the Greenlite Smart Home mobile application allows you to easily change the ambiance depending on your mood. Download the application to discover the many exciting possibilities offered by your energy-efficient bulbs, with different sets of brightness, colors, and some exclusive effects and transitions.

Turn your light bulbs on and off right when you need it.

Thanks to our free Greenlite Smart Home mobile application, you can easily schedule what moments during the day you want your bulbs to be on or off, thus helping you to reduce consumption and cut your expenses. It could also make your life a lot easier. By programming your bulbs to diffuse light at a certain hour, you can make sure you never have to enter darkness with your hands full of groceries ever again.

Tie everything together with smart scenes

Because we want smarter but also more energy-efficient homes, we integrated a smart scene functionality to our free Greenlite Smart Home mobile application. By chaining together actions, you can make it a lot simpler to dim all the light with just one click or to reduce the temperature of your bulbs all at once. Imagine a house where all the lights slowly dim one hour before bed time. And that’s only one of the many possibilities…

Control your Greenlite Smart bulbs with Google Home of Alexa.

Because we are always looking for new ways of making your life easier, you can now interact with all your Greenlite bulbs with simple voice commands. Just ask Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

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Get the free Greenlite mobile application

Our free Greenlite Smart Home mobile application is available on the App Store or Google Play. You can download the new version available and enjoy even more exciting smart functionalities.